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RE: "I just went out to dinner with 18 close friends I'd never met before."

On Monday, December 31, 2007, Tim Fitzpatrick wrote:
In regard to "...and Allan Lappin, the guy who created the ultimate Comics Forum lapel pin, a comic word balloon with the words 'What do you read, what do you enjoy?'":

In the interest of accuracy, the comic word balloon with the "CF" Superman shield was designed by your pal and mine, Rob Davis; Allan coined the infamous "WDYR, WDYE?" question, and I magnificently put them all together to create the Comics Forum pins, collect the set. In true comics form, a collaborative effort.

Jack: Yes, it happened exactly that way. I had forgotten all the particulars. Or maybe, given who and what I am, I just always come down on the side of the writer in any collaborative effort.


* * * * * *

RE: Cultural Trend-setter? Moi? Consider The Evidence

On Sunday, September 9, 2007, Rob wrote:
You asked The obvious question: "have I, old, broken down, less than genteel, somehow become, if not actually a trend-setter, at very least a harbinger of where the culture is heading? The evidence is there. Where I was is where it's going. Be afraid. Be very afraid."

The short answer is: "No." The longer answer is, like me, you're a dirty old man (wear it PROUDLY, man, as do I!) who finds this type of woman attractive and so, coincidentally at this time, does a good size of the population (male AND female, apparently). We all seem to have developed good taste at the same time. This too shall pass. Shame that is.

Jack: Everybody has something to be proud of, that's what they say. But I do think you may be pushing the envelope a little. Whatever gets you through the night, as they also say.


* * * * * *

RE: Now Here's An Idea

On Monday, September 3, 2007, Tim wrote:
It appears to be old home week in comments section, so I figured I should join in:

You say, "I think my indecision is probably based upon the overwhelming indications that the Democratic nominee will be the next president in a possible landslide (consider all the terrible things that Bush might still do over the next 16 or 17 months) and I (we) need to make the right choice."

While I agree that everything indicates the Dems SHOULD win, probably in a landslide, the pessimist side of me has to note that the Dems have a long history of bucking expectations. My indecision on Clinton is rooted in something I don't know whether you see or not, which is the hardcore group of Hillary haters out there.

And I'm not just talking about the GOP "base", either - a friend of mine who is rather conservative had, by 2004, just about joined you in the Worst. President. Ever. camp, so he held his nose and voted for Kerry. But he's such a Hillary hater that I would be surprised if he would vote for Bush for a third term if Hillary was the nominee.

Jack: I know the kind of people you know as well. Maybe we travel in the wrong circles?

However, if we follow your concerns to their logical conclusion and act upon them, it would be impossible to elect, or even nominate, any Democratic candidate. The Hate Machine is easy enough to ramp up once Rush, Bill O, Sean, Ann and the gang get rolling.

A woman? A black man? A lawyer? Any of those are unadulterated raw meat for the Big Loud.

Personally, I think the hardcore you talk about, a significant percentage of it at least (enough to make the remaining "spite" votes irrelevant), will just stay home in 2008 no matter who the candidates are.

And the Big Loud will have them hatin' with a fervor as soon as the results are in.


* * * * * *

RE: The Stupidest Post EVER On The Internet? We Have A Winner!

On Monday, August 27, 2007, Rob wrote:
Ummmm.... This guy thinks Bush should emulate Julius Caesar? Did he forget that Caesar was ASSASSINATED by the Roman Senate for his actions? I'm not all that well read, but this one I know, and so should this guy. To quote a great philosopher: "What a maroon." Sheesh!

Jack: So, seriously, what do you really think?


* * * * * *

RE: And One More...

On Monday, August 20, 2007, Rob wrote:
"Pardon my ignorance, but I have no idea who Olin Miller is and all the links I can find to his or her name are merely collections of quotations attributed to him or her, so I give up."

I hate it when you get me going like this... but I had to find out who Olin Miller is. Near as I can figure (s)he was a columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, as that is mentioned in a few of the quotations I found with Google. Since I can find no mention of Miller on the present-day CS-T website I suppose he or she is dead/retired/gone and wrote for the paper years and years ago. Every quote is quite good and makes one think. It would be interesting to find out more about this very clever person...

Jack: If you find out more, let me know. I still give up.


* * * * * *

RE: Secret Times Exposed

On Tuesday, August 7, 2007, Carl wrote:
[You wrote that] >I predicted several posts back that the wall would be coming down, based on some information I was given, but so far there's no indication I was write....<


And, two minutes later...

RE: A Newspaper As Good As Its Editorial Page?
He wrote:
[You wrote that] >With Rupert Murdock in charge, the now esteemed Wall Street Journal will most likely soon begin printing "news" of the same value and reliability a2 the rantings in its editorial columns:<

I am guessing you are trying to reach the young texting generation here but itís certainly over my head...

Jack: I am chagrined, but all is fixed now. Thanks, pal.

By the way, I should note that the New York Post today ran a major story that says that TimesSelect is toast.

Told ya.


* * * * * *

RE: Hanging With the Comicals Folks

On Monday, July 30, 2007, Rob wrote:
Well, I've taken the first step toward getting to San Diego next year- I've mentioned it to the wife and she's tried to shoot it down. Let the games begin.

Seems like Saturday attendance was flat or down this year since the organizers cut off sales. Me, my idea is to go to just a couple of days in the week and leave the weekend for the wild-eyed. I'd love to visit with old friends and find those items I'm quite sure I can't find anywhere else than CCI, and maybe even hoist one or two at that gawd-awful BBQ place where they insult the patrons and think it's funny (or has that place finally bit the dust it so truly deserves?).

Oh, and don't bring up the Karoke mess. I have a tape of that somewhere and am still embarassed by my drunken attempt at a James Taylor song. Rob's rules for Karoke 1: Unless you can sing like a pro, pick a FUN song to sing and ham it up. It covers the flat notes.

Jack: I was smart enough not to go up on stage despite all the blandishments and promises of rewards.

* * * * * *

On Sunday, July 29, 2007, Rob wrote:
Reading various reportage on ComiCon International (as it's now known), I've gotten that old, nostalgic feeling about it and an urge to go back to the show. There's something about the atmosphere there that is impossible to describe and repeat elsewhere. I was always disappointed that I could not get a space in Artist's Alley to try to sell some sketches, but I think if I go with the idea that I don't HAVE to do that and just enjoy the show it might be better. I am apparently still on the Professionals list as I get mailings throughout the year from the convention organizers- so I could probably get into the show free--- it's just finding a hotel and/or roommates that would be the most problematic (after convincing the wife to let me spend the time and money to fly there, of course). Maybe it is time we found a way to gather the old crew for one last visit to the show before it likely splits into two shows spread between San Diego and L.A.

I'm game, and could start saving my extra money now as I did for the Pulp Show I went to in Chicago last spring...

Jack: One Last Once? It is appealing, innit?

Then again, the last time I was there with you, you were thisclose to decking a security guard! That could have been trouble.

And Carl, lovable li'l Carl, he greencarded Neil Gaiman! That was embarrassing.

Plus there were those fools who tried to entice me into karaoke. That was really bad.

Ah, the memories, the memories...

Which make it perhaps not as appealing as it seemed at first glance.


* * * * * *

RE: Okay, I Was Wrong...

On Sunday, July 22, 2007, Rob wrote:
"Then again, the Cardinals are truly lousy. I mean, truly lousy. Maybe this flurry of run-scoring is nothing more than a result of that At least it's been fun again for a couple of days." We Missourians hope you appeciate our suffering to help your team look better...and yeah, we think the Cards suck right now too.

Jack: It was certainly an interesting series. Even more fascinating: since the All-Star break, the Phillies have been in double figures for runs, either for or against, someething like 90% of the time. We can score but there are only a few days in each rotation when we can pitch.
On the other hand, Ryan Howard is getting into his second-half groove again...


* * * * * *

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