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I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each.
I do not think that they will sing to me.

                     T.S. Eliot, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

31 March 2007

Steve Goodman.
The inestimable TBogg celebrates the impending 2007 Major League Baseball season with a musical clip from the best small-venue performer I ever saw, a true classic (at least among those in the know) made more poignant by the fact that Goodman was dying of Leukemia at the time.

He was so great in a small room that I can't even describe it, so great that, because he tended to go Way over his allotted time for each show, all the other acts performing in the area would end up arriving for his second or third show and eventually end up on stage with him, picking and singing.

A few favorite lyrics:

Some folks drink when they're happy,
Other folks drink when they're dry.
Some folks drink so they won't have to think
And some folks drink until they die.

But drinking just gives me amnesia
And the devil has a list of those who run.
Run, win, place, and show, and nowhere to go,
Six hours ahead of the sun.

And these, from a song which would, sadly, work just as well today:
And now every month I get a check from an Army bureaucrat
And it's every month I tear it up and I mail the damn thing back.
Do you think that makes it all right, do you think I'd fall for that?
You can keep your bloody money, it sure won't bring my Billy back.

I never cared for politics, and speeches I don't understand,
And likewise never took no charity from any living man
But tonight there's fifty thousand gone in that unhappy land
And fifty thousand 'Heart and Soul's' being played with just one hand.

And my name is Penny Evans and I've just gone twenty-one
A young widow in the war that's being fought in Viet Nam
And I have two infant daughters and I thank God I have no sons
Now they say the war is over, but I think it's just begun.

The most famous Steve Goodman song is City of New Orleans, a lament about changing times which might also seem sadly appropriate these days.

[posted by Jack Curtin 4:55pm edt]

18 March 2007

Hey, got your attention, right? I been gone so long--a month to the very day--that I figured I should do something to make a splash.

Here's the thing. Keeping up with this blog, plus my beer blog and my political cartoon and political blog is proving to be more than I can handle, especially with a major new writing project in the wings and lots of assigments from my regular outlets.

Which means that Another New Solution is in the offing as I try to work it all out. Stay tuned.

[posted by Jack Curtin 5:15pm edt]

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