It was time for a stroll of the inside of Windsor Station. All festivals should be like this, lots of great food, all kinds of beer, port, whiskeys, ciders, etc! But I just couldn't hold out any longer, It was time for some Unibroue. They brought several new beers, U and U2, some old favorites, and two new big bottles called Frigate and Terrible....The taste of both was best put in words of an esteem beer guru who said "Good googly goo!" They must be stopped, but not until a have another sample, and another, and so on. After that it was time for a snack, and nothing is better than pomme frites. Nothing was better than these (sorry Monks), with 20 or so toppings you could choose from.... I started working my way around several breweries including L'Alchimiste, Belle Gueule, Ferme Brasserie Schoune, Lion d'or.

As we sat outside (imaged that) an announcement that the cheese workshop will begin at four o'clock perked my interest. There was roughly 70 people crowed around waiting for 9 kinds of frommage and three beers. There was however one small problem, they only spoke French. No matter, the old ladies passing out the bread took pity on my sorry French speaking skills and the cheese was great!!! I was now full, but my mind was slowly getting clearer. Hey, no problem, I'll just get some beer. Les Brasseurs du Nord who makes five beers called Boreale. Malt my good kids, we are in the land of malt. The Rousse and the Noire being my two favs. I hunted for some more old time classics like Grolsch on tap! Leffe blond or brune. Damn, there is that Unibroue tent again. Must not stop. Oh well, it is only Friday, there are more days to come. 10 hours at a beer festival. Great food, great beer, great people. And sunshine, life my friends does not get better than this.

We strolled around the old port on Saturday, than took a taxi up to Sergeant Recruiter for what else? A two level brewpub on the upper end of St. Laurent street. One thing I have noticed is that all the breweries have a honey beer and cream ales on tap. All the beer I had there was good. Including a bitter on the hand pump. A taxi ride back to Crescent street for dinner and a good nights sleep. Sunday is the last day of the festival, must figure out way to go.

Ah, sunshine once again on Sunday, it's getting to be redundant. Another great breakfast at Chez Cora, and we are off. Today we are going to try to find a memory card for my camera and one for me. It took about 50 miles of walking, but success was found for the camera, I was out of luck. A late lunch led to a conversation every man wants to hear. "I want to go shopping," she said. Well knock your socks off baby. How bout I go to the festival and meet up with you for dinner? Sounds good, I will see you around 6.

As I gleefully ran down to station to buy more tickets, I thought to my self, self, you must try more new beers. Damn it to hell, It's that damn Unibroue stand again, they will not leave me alone! I fought my way out of there the best I could and made my way to Dieu du Ciel stand. They made the Imperial Pale Ale for the festival that didn't quite do it for me on cask. Well on tap there, she came through with flying colors. Balance young man, balance. It was I as say right smart. That led me down another slippery slope when I tried their Rigor Mortis, a triple. At 9% also, it was double right smart.

The taste buds needed a break, as well as my legs, so I went to the Pub Ile Noire. A scotch whiskey stand that had its own bar and stools. I sat down to try something, when I met Jean, or John the brewer for Le Chaudron. I have seen their beers in several places, but haven't tried them yet. So as we talked about where to get beers, who has what on tap, etc, I decided the best thing to do was go there. I tried the Cobra, an IPA, and the Chanvre Rouge a hemp beer. (Like Fredrick Brewing) Both were real good and I thanked him for all the information. Like all brewers he was on break, which meant sitting at the bar drinking whiskey. Alas my day was done. I had another great panino sandwich, drooled over the crepe stand and god knows what else.

Without a doubt, this was the best festival I had ever been too! If you ever get the chance GO! You will not be sorry. My only problem is now, where do I go from here?

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