Mr. Jack, here is my ramblings about my trip. After driving around my hotel twice trying to find the right street, we finally got parked and unloaded our stuff only to find out our room wasn't going to be ready until after three. What is a boy to do? He goes to the bar in the lobby. I spotted an Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale from the Oland breweries and order one up. It's a lot different from other IPA's in that it has NO DAMN HOPS! I mean none! Coor's light has more hops than this stuff. I found out later that it was bought out from some big conglomeritic, and has gone downhill....So lets try an Rickard's Red from Molson. After the last beer this wasn't too bad...It at least had some flavor. We finally got into the room,unpack and set sail for some Canadian cash. $200 dollars gets you $270, I like this country already.

First stop was to be the Montreal Beer Museum, but the door was locked and posted on the window in French and English was something about thirty days, that is never good. So instead it was off to Brutopia on Crescent street. This is the hottest street in town, with huge restaurants and bars and people galore. While we waited for some soup I sampled some beers, including IPA (yes, it did have hops) Extra Blonde and Cream ale. All were good, but nothing special. I talked Miss Kelly into going down to the festival just for an hour to check it out. {Then] I took my sorry American ass back to hotel to get some sleep and to ponder why I was the only person in shorts the whole afternoon.

Look,up in the sky, It's a bird, yeah, it's a plane, yeah, it's the SUN. Shocking but true, the sun came out on Friday for my trip to the beer fest. But when a hard day of drinking comes upon you, a man needs his breakfast to get his liver ready. So off we went about a block and a half away to Chez Cora. This is food for the kings. With a downstairs, an upstairs, outside, and tables by the front window, this is one big place. We ordered the chocolate brioche French toast with bananas. It was enough to feed a table of six! Time slowly marched on as Kelly grew weary as I asked her if it was 12 o'clock yet. "You don't have to be there when it starts" she said. Okay I said. At ten after 12, we strolled into the festival, and started the drinking festivities. First stop the petit pub 130, where a large selection of U.S. and other bottled beer resided. We started with a Sea Dog Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale. It was a refreshing way to start the day, and was done just right. Next was Trout River's Hoppin' Mad Trout. If I was a trout, I would be hopping mad too.

I then saw a cask of the special beer that was brewed for the festival, Dieu du ciel, Imperial Pale Ale. At 9% it look like a good choice, but didn't come through the way I expected from a cask. Maybe it was the taste of old trout in my mouth. I had another later, but it still tasted the same, good but not great. I would be vindicated later in the day. We walked into the Windsor Station and grabbed a table by the door. Across the way was Wagner Valley and the Bison kebobs stand. I had a couple of their beers including Sled Dog Doppelbock, 8% a big malty beer, they also had six different cheeses to try, which of course I did. It was time for more beer so I stopped at Microbrasserie du Lievre and tried their Blond beer. It was nice enough, but what really intrigued me was Carrot beer. I just wasn't ready for something like that, or so I thought. After a couple of minutes I had to try one. It was pretty good, not overpowering, but a nice balance of flavors. Now I can drink my salad too. Miss Kelly needed a beer by now, so we stopped by McAuslan brewing and had a Apricot wheat and a Cream ale. The Apricot was great, by the way she kept going back to the stand for the rest of the festival.

There is, God help us, more...

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