(This Archive contains stories written by Jack Curtin for AMERICAN BREWER, the quarterly trade publication for the craft beer industry. Each issue offers informative, comprehensive and sometimes controversial coverage of “The Business of Beer.” While its audience is primarily brewers and industry representatives, it often contains articles of interest to anyone who loves great beer and the stories behind the scenes. You can find subscription details here for both the magazine and all seven of the bimonthly Brewing News tabloids. )

Preparing For The Day After Tomorrow
Summer 2008

I Got Your Culture Right Here
Spring 2008

Managing Michael: A Conversation with Owen Barstow
Winter 2008

Where Do You Get All That Energy?
Fall 2006

Different Strokes, Different Coasts
Summer 2006

Stockbrokers Gone Wild
Summer 2006

"HOT TRUB" Column
Summer 2008

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