by Jack Curtin

(These two short-shorts were written for an erotic fiction website which featured sexy, often humorous, 100-word or less vignettes. They were rejected summarily. The site appears to have since disappeared into the ether. That'll teach 'em.)


        As promised, on my birthday Marcia led me to her bed and swiftly stripped off all our clothing.

        Once we were naked, she pulled me down onto the scented sheets and moved on top of me. She kissed me softly before reiterating her only caveat.

        "Remember, not a word about this to anyone."

        "Definitely not. My lips are sealed."

        She smiled and slid slowly down my body, her long hair tickling my chest and abdomen until she reached her destination. Her breath was hot against my rising flesh as she lowered her face and giggled.

        "Lucky for you, mine aren't."


        My prospective new employer and I were both naked. Apply for security guard at a nudist colony, those are the rules.

        She pondered my resume. I watched her breasts rise and fall with every breath. She walked around the office. I fixated on her ass.

        When she finally spoke, I reluctantly lifted my eyes from the wispy blonde patch between her thighs and met her gaze.

        "I'm sorry, she said. "This won't work."

        "Can I ask why?"

        Her eyes went pointedly to my crotch. "Unfortunately, this is one job where it isn't a good thing to be a stand-up guy."

Copyright 2003 Jack Curtin

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